Recognizing the importance of promoting the advancement of public services among persons professionally involved in the delivery of public services infrastructure and services, the IPS-K was formed in 2012 to develop and promote educational and technical opportunities for public sector practitioners. The objective is to develop and provide all career development and training for all levels of public services including county and national governmentsupervisory employees.

IPS-K is an outstanding organisation that will help you reach your professional goals and enhance your effectiveness and efficiency on the job as a public service professional.

Mission & Objectives:
The Institute has embarked on a Mission To:
Continuously engage in Modernizing Management Practices & Enhancing Leadership Competence of Public Servants.
Strengthen the Organizational Capacities of Public Service Institutions through provision of Transformational Training, Research & Consulting.

Our Vision:
IPS-Ks Vision is to be "a Continental Centre of Excellence in Transforming Public Sector Service provision, Governance, Management and Leadership Development."

Values & Principles:
The Institute is committed to advocacy and mainstreaming of values and principles that promote ethical, efficient and effective public service delivery such as good governance, constitutionalism, human rights, rule of law, sustainable development, integrity, justice and accountability.

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